Bites Unite (Name Change Pending) [Work In Progress]

A friend of mine is developing a cookbook web app that implements various social aspects, such as the ability to add contributors, a commenting and rating system, and other similar services that allow creators to share their recipes with others. As I was talking to her one day about her project, she mentioned that she didn't have a designer to work on the project with her.

One day, I got bored and decided to play with a few design ideas for her cookbook app. After showing her some of my wireframes, she was really happy with the design you see here. I began to expand upon that preliminary sketch and worked alongside her development.

For this particular design, I took heavy inspiration from Google's Material Design philosophy and the Card UI design that can be seen in various services such as Google Now, Twitter, Facebook, and much more.

Project Details
Time Spent: 15 hours

Software Used

Adobe Firewoks Adobe Photoshop
Recipe Details page

Cookbook Details page

Cookbook List page