Extra Life 2014 Promotional Material

I am heavily involved with a charity organization known as Extra Life, a national 24-hour gaming marathon event. Every year, Extra Life participants all over the America play games for 24 hours straight to help raise money for their local Children's Miracle Network hospital. I am the Vice President and Graphic Designers of the Indianapolis Guild. Our guild has expanded greatly each year, so we have been improving our methods to raise awareness and help others join our cause.

Because of our growth, one of the things we have been doing is trying to make an appearance at conventions and other events. These were some marketing materials that I had created for the various events we attended.

All of the logos displayed on these designs are not my property. They belong to their respective organizations and were not designed by me.

Project Details
Time Spent: 8 hours

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign
Banner to display at conventions or other events to help promote Extra Life

Flyer I designed to provide information about the actual Extra Life event that we hosted.

Shirt I designed for the Baltimore Guild.