Zenith Primaris [Work In Progress]

This is a work-in-progress of my Capstone Project: Zenith Primaris. My goal with this project is to create a high-quality 3D environment to showcase my skills and experience with 3D Environment and Level Design.

Zenith Primaris is the name of the research facility and base of operations that is in the process of terraforming a moon for human habitation. Earth has long since been abandoned and humans have already colonized other planets and space stations. In an effort to find more worlds to sustain life and provide natural resources, scientists have set a goal to not only find those worlds but create them as well. After years of research and testing, Zenith Primaris is their first true attempt to make that dream a reality.

Project Details
Date: 2014
Project Duration: 5 Months
Project Display Date: May 2, 2014

Software Used

Autodesk Maya UV Layout Adobe Photoshop CrazyBump
Walkway modular kit that will be used for the exterior. Each of the 5 modular pieces near the top can be connected to create complex walkways, such as the example.

This is the landing platform for transport and personnel ships.

Another view of the landing platform which showing how the walkway modular kit was used to create a loading bay.

Treatment plant for water purification and testing.

A closer view of the treatment plant.

Observation tower to allow oversight of the terraforming operation and serves as the primary location for communications, briefing, and research.

Lower view of the observation tower.