Return of Aetheria: War of Realms

Return of Aetheria: War of Realms is the sequel to the Return of Aetheria augmented reality game that debuted at GenCon 2013. Instead of using project mapping like the first game, War of Worlds will be a digital board game that utilizes an 80-inch multitouch display.

My role on this sequel project is the 3D Director. During the pre-production process, which lasted from August-December 2013, I went through vigorous research and development to help design the art style and technical aspects of the 3D asset pipeline. I worked closely with the art and programming team to create a working prototype of the game. During production, I created the map on which the game would take place. Using the technniques I developed during pre-production, I was able to create the map and place all of the buildings created by the rest of the 3D team during the post-production process.

Project Details
Date: 2013-2014
Project Duration: 10 months

Software Used

Autodesk Maya Autodesk Mudbox Photoshop After Effects
Landmass created using Mudbox and textured with Photoshop and Maya

The final render of the map without the buildings from a top-down view for the digital board