Return of Aetheria

Return of Aetheria was a large, student-made, augmented reality game that debuted at GenCon Indy 2013.

In addition to the images here, I created a few interactions between elemental crystals that were displayed on a large 8' by 8' board using projection mapping. The board had 5 crystals (one for fire, water, air, and earth and one large aetherial crystal in the center) that were built using paper mache, foamcore, and other simple materials. The entire board was completely white to provide a clear canvas for the projection mapping and animtions.

To see more about Return of Aetheria, including details about the story and the team, visit the official website!

Project Details
Date: 2013
Project Duration: 8 months

Software Used

Autodesk Maya Adobe After Effects
This was one of my WIP prototype renders of the Fire Champion's environment

Wireframes of the final Fire Champion environment

Full render of the cave

Closeup of the lava fall

Full render of the lava fall